William J Kozersky, Philatelist

Philatelist and dealer in collectible Charity Seals such as Christmas Seals, Spring TB Seals, Local TB Seals, Foreign TB Charity Seals, Easter Seals, Boys Town Seals, and Charity Seal Literature. Plus, Topical and Foreign Stamps, Disney Stamps, Stamp Collecting Supplies, and Postcards.

We donate 10% of all U.S. Christmas Seals & U.S. Spring Charity Seals sales to the American Lung Association (ALA).

Vintage Postcards: The study and collection of postcards is known as Deltiology. Many collectors choose to limit their collection to cards by specific artists and publishers, by time and location, or topic. Picture postcards can be assigned to the "Golden Age of Postcards" (1898-1919), the time of "Linen Postcards" (1930-1950), or to the "Modern Chromes" (after 1940). We have identified and cataloged the following: