William J Kozersky, Philatelist

Philatelist and dealer in collectible Charity Seals such as Christmas Seals, Spring Seals, Local TB Seals, Foreign TB Seals, Easter Seals, Boys Town Seals, Charity Seals, and Charity Seal Literature. Plus, Cinderella Stamps, Topical and Foreign Stamp Packets, Disney Stamps, Stamp Collecting Supplies, Postcards, and Collectible Labels.

We donate 10% of all U.S. Christmas Seals & U.S. Spring Seals sales to the American Lung Association (ALA)

Please Note: the USPS estimates that orders shipped Monday (6/24/2024) will arrive within 2-3 days.

Priority Mail Shipping

USPS Priority MailWe have been shipping globally for many years. We could never understand and have always been concerned about the time taken to send items by domestic mail, which averages 5 to 7 days, even longer. Further, global mail to Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, takes 2 to 4 weeks, perhaps longer, to be delivered. We have always found such delivery times unacceptable.

Therefore, we now ship your items with USPS Priority Mail. You, our customer, will receive the item sooner, usually within 2 to 3 days to points across the U.S. and within 6 to 10 days globally. USPS Priority Mail appears to be a much better choice - less time in the mail stream, therefore less chance of being lost, damaged, or stolen. All factors which would diminish your shopping experience with us.

We believe that any additional cost involved, would be offset by the enhanced delivery time, and handling.

We want you to receive the item you ordered, as quickly as possible, in the condition you expected, when you placed the order.

Domestic Orders: Purchasing your stamps and supplies is easy and affordable with our convenient flat-rate shipping. We have three (3) domestic flat rate shipping tiers. Based upon your order sub total your shipping costs are as follows:

Order Sub Total

USPS - $00.00 to $50.00 - shipping $7.75
USPS - $50.00 to $100.00 - shipping $11.75
USPS - $100.01 to $999999.99 - free shipping

Free Shipping! Free domestic shipping on all orders over $100.00.

Heavier items such as albums, stock pages, or large collections that you purchase, will be shipped at a slightly higher cost. 

International Orders: Orders to Canada are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International (6 to 10 days). The minimum cost is $29.75. Or, UPS Ground (2 to 8 days). The minimum cost is $19.75. These methods are the most secure and fastest manner to ship items to Canada.

All other Global or International orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International (6-10 days). The minimum cost is $38.95. This method is the most secure and fastest manner to ship items globally.

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