William J Kozersky, Philatelist

Philatelist and dealer in collectible Charity Seals such as Christmas Seals, Spring TB Seals, Local TB Seals, Foreign TB Charity Seals, Easter Seals, Boys Town Seals, and Charity Seal Literature. Topical and Foreign Stamps, Stamp Collecting Supplies, Postcards, and Collectible Stocks & Bonds. Plus Collectible Labels such as: Crate Labels, Cigar Labels, Broom Labels, Beer Labels, Spirits Labels, and Wine Labels.

Canada Christmas Seal Albums & Pages: Here you will find albums by Saint Crispen Publishing. All that is needed is the addition of a binder of your choice. Further, With the available blank pages from Saint Crispen Publishing, you can arrange your national and local seals in a manner that you choose.