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TB Charity Seal Societies of the World

TB Charity Seals were issued by various anti-tuberculosis societies in countries around the world. The funds derived from the sale of these seals supported TB Sanitoriums. Since many of these TB Charity Seals were issued near, or at Christmas to solicit donations, and usually contained Christmas images, they have become known as Christmas Seals. For over 107 years, philatelists, stamp dealers, stamp collectors, and the general public, have considered many TB Charity Seals to be Christmas Seals. 

We will continue to classify them as TB Charity Seals.

The issuing societies of all countries, except the United States, are identified by their Green's Catalog, Tuberculosis Seals of the World, Part III, Foreign Seals, catalog numbers. U.S. Christmas Seals are identified by Green's Catalog, Tuberculosis Seals of the World, Part 1, U.S. National Christmas Seals, catalog numbers.

Country Agency

åland Posten Pa åland

Algeria Comite Algierien de Lutte Contre la Tuberculose

Argentina Liga Argentina contra la Tuberculosis (LAC)

Australia Australian Tuberculosis and Chest Association (ATCA)
Bedford Industries
Community Health and Anti-TB Association (CHATA)
NAPTA Tasmania
Victorian Tuberculosis Association
Bermuda Bermuda TB., Cancer and Health Association

Brazil Federação de Entidades de São Paulo (FELASP)

Canada Canadian Tuberculosis Association
Canada Lung Association

China see Taiwan

Colombia Liga Antituberculosa Colombiana (LAC)

Croatia Crveni Kriz Hrvatske

Cyprus Cyprus League of Chest Diseases

Denmark Julemærkekontoret  (Christmas Seal Fund)
Danmarks Julemærkesamler Forening (DJF)

Estonia Estonian Heritage Society

Faroes Postverk Føroya

Finland The Finnish Lung Health Association

France Comité contre les Maladies Respiratoires et la Tuberculose
Confédération des OEuvres Laïques de Vacanes d’Enfants et 

Germany Kuratorium Tuberkulose in der Welt, e.V.

Great Britain The Chest Heart & Stroke Association

Greenland Den Grønlandske Julemærkefond

Hong Kong The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Association

Iceland Barnauppeldissjódur Thorvaldsensfèlagsins
Kvenfèlagid Framtídin Akureyri

India The Tuberculosis Association of India

Indonesia Lindungilah Keluarga Anda Dari Penyakit T.B.C.

Italy Federazione Italiana contro la Tuberculosi e le Malattie Polmonari Sociali

Ivory Coast Comite antituberculeux de Côte d’Ivoire

Japan Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association

Jugoslavia  Tedan Boja Proti Tuberkulozi

Korea Korean National Tuberculosis Association

Luxembourg  League Luxembourgoise de Prévention et d’Action médico-sociales


Malaysia Malaysian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis (MAPTB)

Mexico Comité Nacional de Lucha Contra la Tuberculosis

Netherlands  Nederlands Tuberculose Fonds
De Amsterdamse Vereniging tot Bestrijding der Tuberculose 
Sanitorium Sonnevanck

Norway Foretningskontoret Nasjonalforeningen & Norske Kvinners 

Panama Organización Panamenta Antituberculosa (OPAT)

Philippines Philippine Tuberculosis Association

Portugal Associação Nacional de Tuberculose

Puerto Rico Sociedad Pro-Hospital Del Niño

Salvador Patronata Nacional Antituberculoso (PNA)

Singapore Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA)

South Africa South African Christmas Stamp Fund

South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA)

Sweden Hjart Lungfonden

Syria Comite Syrien de Defense Contre la Tuberculose

Taiwan The National Tuberculosis Association of Taiwan

Thailand The Anti-Tuberculosis Association of Thailand

United States American Lung Association

Venezuela Asociacion contra la Tuberculosis y Enfermedades Respiratorias de

Zimbabwe RAP

Green's Catalog of the Tuberculosis Seals of the World

This list is not complete (5/12/2012).