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Mosbaugh's U.S. All Funds Seal Catalog

In 1962 Ray Mosbaugh compiled a catalog of worldwide Red Cross Seals, and U.S. Charity Seals issued by fundraising societies for causes other than tuberculosis. The catalog became known as Mosbaugh's U.S. All Funds Seal Catalog. The catalog is divided into thirteen (13) sections which catalog virtually all of the non-tuberculosis fundraising Charity Seal issuing societies.

All thirteen (13) sections of the All Funds Seal Catalog: Sec 1, U.S. Patriotic & Veteran Seals; Sec. 2, U.S. Fraternal & Civic Seals; Sec. 3, U.S. Catholic Charity Seals; Sec. 4, U.S. Lutheran Charity Seals; Sec. 5, U.S. Jewish Charity Seals; Sec. 6, U.S. Religious & Philosophical Seals; Sec. 6A, American Bible Charity Seals; Sec. 7, U.S. Ethnic Charity Seals; Sec. 8, Pets, Plants, & Wildlife Seals; Sec. 9, U.S. Medical Charity Seals; Sec. 9A, U.S. Easter Seals, Classic; Sec.10, U.S. Miscellaneous Charity Seals; and Sec. 11, Index.

In the catalog you will find seal issuing societies such as: U.S. Easter Seals (Sec. 9A), Boys Town Seals, both Winter and Spring (Sec. 3), National Wildlife Federation (Sec. 8), VFW Charity Seals (Sec. 1), or Sister Kenny Seals (Sec. 9).

The seals that we have listed in the U.S. Funds Category will be identified by both Section No. and Catalog No. where information about the seal is listed. For example: 9A-2.10x (Sec. 9A - 1935 U.S. Easter Seals, Sheet of 100).

The catalog is still followed by the seal collecting community today. The catalog is maintained and published by the Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society (CS&CSS).

The Mosbaugh's U.S. All Funds Seal Catalog is offered for sale on both CD format and paper format.