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Philatelist and dealer in collectible Charity Seals such as U.S. Christmas Seals and U.S. Easter Seals, Foreign TB Charity Seals, Boys Town Charity Seals, Charity Seal Literature, Topical and Foreign Stamps, Stamp Albums, Postcards, plus collectible labels such as Wine Labels, Cigar Box Labels and Crate Labels.

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Christmas Seal & Charity Seal Glossary. This basic glossary of descriptions offers many of the most basic terms in philately regarding Christmas Seals and other Charity Seals.

Gum Types, Paper Types, Perforations, Printer's Marks, Types of Seals, Printing Process

E - essay, a proposed design


HBg - horizontal broken gum, a horizontal diamond pattern impressed in the gum to prevent curling.


imp, imperf - imperforate


NG - no gum


NM - negative maker's proof, a true printer's proof


p - proof, usually imperforate


pcp - progressive color proof, usually a set of 7 stages showing colors separately and in

combinations, leading up to the complete design.


P4S - perforated on all four sides


perf 12:00x12 - horiz rows of perfs are perf 12, with 2 larger diameter perf holes at intervals;

usually 11 regular perf 12 holes are between pairs of larger holes.


(PH) - Photo in center section


PM - perforated margin


pm - printer's mark. Since 1936 printer's used a tiny letter on seal #56, on sheets of 100, to identify

their product.; "E" Eureka Specialty Printing Co., "S" Strobridge Litho. Co. 1930-58, Specialty

Printers of America 1975-92 "D" Edwards and Deutsch Litho. Co., "U" U.S. Printing and Litho.

Co., "F" Fleming-Potter Co., etc.


r.9, roul.9 - roulette 9


S - Spring issue


SE - straight edge


SE4S - straight edge on all 4 sides of a sheet


Sg - smooth gum


SqBg - square broken gum - a square pattern impressed in the gum to prevent curling.


T - test seal, usually a design experiment


TB - tuberculosis


UK - unknown printer


UL - Union Label, like printer's marks, these can be used to identify sheets.


VBg - vertical broken gum, a vertical diamond pattern impressed in the gum to prevent curling.


VM - varying margin; a margin made when a cut separates a perforated press sheet into smaller

sheets or panes. Depending on where the knife cut chances to fall, such a margin will be a narrow PM, SE, or perforated edge. From 1932-62 Eureka sheets have a VM on two sides of the sheet.


x - sheet

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